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Chalcedony is a microcrystalline form of quartz that is available in versatile colors. Chalcedony with a color banded texture is known as agate. When it combines with other minerals and appears in bands or flat layers it is called onyx, non-banded exterior texture is called mocha stone, blood-like stains on the surface form bloodstone, and brownish red splintery, uneven texture forms carnelian.


Due to its wide range of varieties, members of the chalcedony family are considered the traditional birthstone for all months except January, April, and November. These stones are also connected with all the zodiac signs except Cancer, Sagittarius, Taurus and Scorpio. Blue chalcedony is also the natural birthstone of people born in spring i.e. from February 19 to March 19.


The formation of these stones takes place at low temperature from watery silica gels. These rocks do not contain silica but low temperature treatment increases silica’s presence, which ultimately leads to the foundation of chalcedony. They are usually found in sedimentary and volcanic rocks, in combination with agate. In rare scenarios it also occurs in metamorphic or igneous rocks, forming veins in the cracks that already contain silica-rich brine. Chalcedony can also be found in fossils as a petrifying agent.

Chalcedony stones are found all over the world, mainly in New Zealand, United States, Brazil, Russia, Britain, Turkey, Mexico, Iceland, Czech Republic, and Austria.

Historical Significance

The term chalcedony originates from an ancient Greek town in Asia Minor named Chalcedon. In Latin, this term is known as ‘chalcedonius’ and is referred to a type of Jaspid in ‘Naturalis Historia’ by Pliny the Elder.

Native Indian Americans believed this stone was rich in spiritual powers and so they used it in their tribal ceremonies. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans were very fond of this stone and used it in their jewelries and decoration items. Chalcedony stones have one significant property; they are ideal for carvings and design creations therefore, they serve as an excellent embellishment gemstone!

In the Bronze Age, ancient Minoans use to carve designs in the stone to turn them into official seals. These stones can resist stickiness against stamps, which makes them perfect stones for seals. Archaeologists have discovered seals that date back to 1800 BC.

In the 1st century AD, this gemstone was used in Afghanistan to create all types of assortments ranging from jewelry to knives. The Roman orator Cicero was famous for wearing a blue chalcedony stone around his neck, with the belief that it will enhance speaking powers in a person. Due to this reason it is also known as the ‘speaker’s stone.’

All stones of chalcedony are attributed to the Lakota Sioux goddess of peace, Whope. She is considered the deity of meditation, harmony and friendship. The goddess of the river Clyde, Clota, and the Greek mother Earth, Gaia are also associated with chalcedony.

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Metaphysical Properties

This magnificent stone contains several amazing properties that can enhance the following properties in the wearer.

  1. It has the power of relieving its wearer from stress and depression, and inducing optimism. This in turn balances the emotional state of a person and steers their direction towards the positive aspects of things.
  2. This stone is yang in nature and has the power to stimulate maternal feelings and creativity in people. People suffering from creative block can benefit from the stimulating energy of this stone immensely.
  3. It is an excellent stone for people who face self doubt in regular life. It brings peace and tranquility that enables one to ponder over their inner reflection.
  4. In ancient times chalcedony was used as an amulet for protection against evil spirits, nightmares and phantoms.

Physical Healing Energy

This stone is helpful in treating throat and respiratory problems, depression, bad moods, and obsessive jealousy.  It is also known for reducing the toxic effects of plant based allergies, treating Alzheimer’s, dementia, glaucoma, childhood illnesses, and edema. Chalcedony is a soothing stone for people suffering from bipolar disorder, Asperger’s disease, gallstones, obsessive compulsive disorder, inflammation, and eye problems.

Chakra Healing System

This stone has the power to stimulate the throat chakra, which is symbolic for the voice of the body. It accumulates energy from all chakras and then voices them. A balanced throat chakra enables us to get in touch with our deepest inner feelings and helps us in expressing them. It also indicates that our mind, body and soul are in harmony with each other, which guarantees regular and easy energy flow in the body.

The frequency of chalcedony will bring the throat chakra in equilibrium and promote free expression and natural release of other internal energies.