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Welcome To Kristauphe Gems

matching diamond ring setThrough my time spent in the jewelry industry, I have observed that jewelry in general is often described with mainly elegant descriptions or terms that enhance the idea of beautification.

Jewelry is often thought of as being a luxury item, yet there are plenty of places to purchase less expensive jewelry for casual, everyday wearing. But is there jewelry out there for the “rocker” type?

After all, what does Bret Michaels wear when he’s not on stage? In fact, can jewelry be considered “rock n’ roll?” The answer is YES!

There are currently two companies that have a definite rock n’ roll vibe in their jewelry. One is more in-your-face with the rock n’ roll theme, while the other is more subtle. Til Death 925, a pretty cool jewelry company based in New Jersey, features some very rock n’ roll jewelry designs created in sterling silver.

Some of their creations have been worn by the one and only (and previously mentioned) Bret Michaels – the lead singer of Poison. What stands out about Til Death 925 jewelry is that the designs have a pronounced larger than life feel. Til Death 925 jewelry designs are big, bold, and probably not for the innocent.

On a little more subtle end, there are TATU rings by Novell. Available at retailers by the end of the summer, TATU styles are inspired by actual tattoo and tribal themes.

There are currently twenty-two TATU styles that are created with stainless steel, and the collection will soon include other designs that are produced in palladium, sterling silver and even a few will be pumped out in platinum for some BLING!blue diamonds

TATU rings were a hit with retailers at this year’s JCK Show in Las Vegas, and a contest to giveaway twelve stainless steel designs to grooms was conducted with leading bridal website

TATU rings are coming your way – so look out!

In truth, there are plenty of manufacturers and designers that create jewelry with a rock n’ roll vibe. However, the highlighted companies have a new or interesting look for the rock n’ roll theme in general, so they are worth highlighting.

So whether your choose a bold creation by Til Death 925, or a more subtle but still very cool TATU ring, you can not go wrong. Both Til Death 925 and TATU are worth checking out!